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Royal Education Council (REC)


Establishment of BEACON Schools and Teacher Quality Enhancement (TQE)


Educare was commissioned by the Bhutan’s Royal Education Council (REC) to bring about educational reform through the creation of high-performance BEACON schools and Teacher Quality Enhancement (TQE), to fulfill the vision articulated in Bhutan 2020: A Vision of Peace, Prosperity and Happiness.

High-performance schools termed “BEACON Schools” were established to serve as model schools of excellence to facilitate and accelerate education reforms in Bhutan. Educare developed the Framework for BEACON Schools and the BEACON School Manual to guide the formation and create the mechanics for the operationalisation of the schools. Besides teacher training, Educare also delivered the Leadership and Governance Programme for principals, instructional leaders and MOE officials.

As part of the TQE, a situational analysis was conducted to investigate the work environment of teachers in Bhutan. Subsequently, Educare suggested policy guidelines showing the direction that Bhutan can take in achieving quality in its teaching profession. Finally, Educare presented a set of recommendations through the Strategic Plan for action and implementation.


Education Consultancy

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Situational Analysis

  • To evaluate current standards and practices in Bhutan
  • Assess the achievements and state of readiness in which BEACON Schools can achieve its standards and curriculum to be delivered
  • Assess and analyse the teachers’ standards, levels of competency and practices

Development, Consultation and Adoption of Strategic Plan to advise on:

  • Curriculum implementation with special reference to English, Math and Science
  • Internal Assessment and Evaluation System
  • Admission and selection procedures
  • Pastoral care and student management system
  • Leadership, management and HR guidelines
  • Recruitment, retention, deployment and performance assessment system of staff
  • Setting up boarding facilities
  • Seeking partnerships and affiliations

Professional Development

  • Conducted trainings on pedagogical methodologies and curriculum redesign (English/Math/Science) to achieve Teaching and Learning Excellence and raise Professionalism and Accountability
  • Conducted workshops on theoretical aspects of school governance, management and staff performance appraisal for school leaders to raise their competence levels

Implementation, Monitoring and Appraisal

  • Mentoring and Coaching by professionals and consultants
  • Mounting a team of experts to conduct yearly evaluation an review to advise and provide different forms of overall school monitoring and appraisal

Overall Policy Framework Recommendation

  • Develop framework for implementation of the BEACON Schools to ensure cascading of the best practices to other schools in the system

Holistic Professional Capital Development

  • Design, Develop, and Implement a Holistic Professional Capital Development Programme


Recruitment of Educators

  • Assisted with the recruitment, retention and deployment of highly skilled educational personnel
  • Selected Master Teachers based on classroom observation and interviews
  • Prepared policy recommendations on raising the teaching standards for the Ministry of Education of Bhutan
  • Provided consultation on school resources and teaching equipment/ materials so as to provide a better learning environment

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