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Capacity Building of Libyan School Leaders and Educators


Educare partnered NEBD to transform Libyan schools and teachers by taking the essential step for their professional development journey to create a sustainable world class education system for the 21st century. A nine-month teacher training programme was customised to select and groom educators and potential leaders. Following two months of an English programme and three months of teacher training, the teachers underwent the Intensive Master Teacher Programme to become Master Teachers and be equipped with the skills and know-how to conduct training for other teachers in Libya.


Education Consultancy

Professional Development

  • Conducted a customised English Programme in Singapore for 48 Master Teachers to develop their English proficiency and understanding of educational terminologies for the trainings
  • Conducted three months of advanced teacher training for 48 Master Teachers
  • Conducted an intensive two-month customised Train-the-Trainer programme to raise the competency of the Master Teachers to deliver pedagogical training
  • Coordinated classroom observation attachment in Singapore government schools so that the Master Teachers were better able to understand Singapore’s educational landscape

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Monitoring & Performance Management

  • Coached and mentored the Master Teachers through regular observations to increase their training competency
  • Provided detailed performance feedback for each of the 48 Master Teachers
  • Submitted performance evaluation forms to NEDB

Knowledge Transfer

  • Conduced learning journeys and school attachments to education institutions to expose school leaders to a variety of curriculum and teaching methods in Singapore
  • Provided platforms for education policy makers, in-service principals and former education professionals to share Singapore’s education development, so as to distil the importance of long-term and integrated planning for schools
  • Conducted training on theoretical aspects of governance, management and visioning


Recruitment of Educators

  • Conducted placement tests for candidates using oral and written interviews to gauge English proficiency, interest and suitability of candidates

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